How to Create Beautiful Patterns with Carpet Squares

How to Create Beautiful Patterns with Carpet Squares

The biggest reason why people prefer carpet squares over carpets is because the former one allows better designing and more creativity. While carpets come with standards patterns and designs, having no or very little option to customize, carpet squares leave creativity in your hand. You may create patters that you like and you may install them the way you want.

While installing carpet squares at your floor, make sure you have your creative mind with you. This is because carpet squares are more than just a way to protect your floor or fill the empty space. They have the power to make your floor look elegant. Considering this, you need to be extra careful while buying as well as installing carpet squares if you wish to give your floor the extra bit of elegance.

Here are a few basic patterns that you may create using your carpet squares. Be creative, and you will get more options to try.

The Center:

Always start the installation process from the center of your floor. This is because chances are very high that the squares won’t fit with the size of your floor. In such case, trimming the border squares will not disturb your pattern.

Carpet Square Center

Place the most beautiful square at the center. To determine the center of your floor, read this post. The center tile should have a specific design looking different from other squares on your floor. However, if you wish to make the entire floor identical, you may place a simple square at the center.


Carpet Square Runners

Make a walkway or runway at the center of your floor. This can be done by placing squares of same color in a straight line, with rest of the floor having distinct patterns. The runway should be placed where you have high foot traffic. Choose dark squares on the runner to avoid stains and reduce cleaning frequency.


Carpet Square Checkerboards

Pick carpet squares of two different colors and place them alternatively. This will create a checkerboard pattern on the floor that works perfectly all the time. If you wish to make larger checkerboards, you may create a pattern of 4×4 squares.


Carpet Square Plaid

If you wish to install a plaid pattern, you have to be careful while purchasing wholesale carpet tiles. This is because plaid pattern requires carpet tiles of 4 different patterns. Creativity remains at zenith with plaid pattern as it’s hard to achieve but may give your floor a trendy look.


Carpet Square Stripes

Stripe pattern can be created in two different ways – by installing single color tiles in a row or by installing alternative color tiles one after another. This is one of the most basic patterns but still looks quite good.


Carpet Square Patchwork

Certainly the most versatile and colorful pattern is patchwork design that has no two tiles of same color or design. Again, this theme requires you to be careful while shopping for carpet tiles since you have to buy squares with completely different colors and patterns. Be creative with your ideas and choose colors that complement each other.


Carpet Square Borders

The easiest way to install border tiles is using same-colored tiles touching the walls. You may show some creativity by installing different patterns here, but having identical tiles by all four walls looks better than anything else.

So these are few carpet square patterns you may try. If you have some better ideas, feel free to mention in the comment box.

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